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About us

About Us and Our Partners

In our family, we have the same illnesses - and the predisposition to them in the younger generations - as in other families. Therefore, we personally know what it's like when a disease, allergy, or intolerance forces us to make changes in our lifestyle, diet, and daily routines. Naturally, we are also consumers of many products from the product lines we sell, and as sincere supporters, we can confidently state that the products from the three product lines are unique on the market. We are happy that these products are now available in Hungary.

Our company, founded as devoted followers of a healthy lifestyle, represents the Biosüsse, Sukrin, and Pulsin companies in Hungary under the name huManna. The exclusive distribution of their products in Hungary is done solely through our company. Our common goal is to make a healthy lifestyle easier.


Our Activities:

  • Exclusive Hungarian distributor of Biosüsse, Sukrin, Principessa's, and Pulsin products
  • Gastronomic blogging

From our extensive product range, you are sure to find something that can replace traditional, less healthy ingredients in your kitchen, contributing to the preservation of your health. All our products are made exclusively from natural ingredients. Our sweeteners are excellent healthy alternatives to traditional brown, crystal, or powdered sugar, and our reduced-fat flours contribute to a significant reduction in calories and carbohydrates. All our products are gluten-free!

You can find answers to frequently asked questions in the FAQ section. If you have any other questions, feel free to email us at


Sweeteners – Natural, Zero-Calorie Sugar Alternatives

Among our natural sweeteners, you'll find granulated Biosüsse, Biosüsse Powder (which is finely ground granulated Biosüsse), Sukrin:1 (a direct replacement for sugar), and Sukrin Gold (the world's first granulated brown sugar alternative). Except for Sukrin Gold, our sweeteners contain zero carbohydrates and zero calories. A teaspoon (5g) of Sukrin Gold contains less than 1 calorie, making it virtually carb-free. There are plenty of ideas for using our sweeteners in the Recipes section; feel free to experiment! Our sweeteners also include a preserving alternative that allows you to sweeten your favorite jam without any aftertaste.


Flours, Flour Mixes, Fiber Supplements

Our premium-quality almond flour, BIO coconut flour, and FiberFin fiber make everyday life easier and help promote a healthy lifestyle. Our flours are completely vegan and organic. The product called FiberFin is a unique fiber that can be used in any area of nutrition; you can find more information about it in the webshop.


Sweets, Jams and More

White chocolate, milk chocolate, hazelnut cream, dark chocolate, and even organic options – you can find all of these on our product palette. Full taste – completely sugar-free! Our new chocolates are sweetened exclusively with naturally sweet Biosüsse. Gluten- and fructose-free, tooth-friendly, and low in carbohydrates, these chocolates are suitable for individuals with gluten and fructose intolerance, diabetics, and those who emphasize low-calorie nutrition.

Three familiar flavors without compromise! Only the best from nature – gently cooked and lovingly packed in jars. Our strawberry, apricot, and forest fruit jams are sweetened with Biosüsse erythritol, made from Hungarian organic fruits.



Replacing traditional ingredients with our healthier products couldn't be easier. We've created a wide range of wonderful and mouth-watering recipes that use our completely natural sweeteners and organic foods. We've adapted many old favorites, making them healthier while still delicious.

We're happy to provide you with ideas and tips, making it possible for you to make cooking not only easier and more creative but also healthier. The recipes include average nutritional information, allowing you to easily compare how much healthier a dish is when prepared with our products.



Nestled in the embrace of the beautiful Tyrolean mountains lies the office of one of our partner companies: pure mountain air and clean water that flows through the mountain streams characterize the wonderfully beautiful Tyrol. This is exactly what they kept in mind when creating their products: naturalness, health, sustainability, and excellent taste.

Guilt-free enjoyment – as their name suggests: their mission is to develop and sell products that help eliminate sugar and unhealthy fats (such as monounsaturated fatty acids) from our diet, yet our favorite foods remain enjoyable. All of this is done as traditionally, naturally, and organically as possible.

They have a dedicated medical science department where nutrition and health scientists are located. Their development department is in contact with international health specialists.



They have created a very wide range of products, from completely natural, zero-calorie sugar alternatives to natural and gluten-free, reduced-fat flours, to low-carb, sugar-free, and gluten-free easy-to-make baking mixes.


Pulsin – Balanced Nutrition

Their goal is to create delicious, nutritionally balanced products that meet everyone's needs, whether it's health, dietary intolerance, or lifestyle, to help everyone get the best out of themselves.


Our products are all gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian, not made with genetic engineering, and made from the finest natural and nutritious ingredients.