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BIOSÜSSE products

Is Biosüsse a natural product?

The product's main ingredient is erythritol. Although the word might sound like a chemical or additive, it is obtained through fermentation, 100% naturally, from non-GMO raw materials. Moreover, erythritol is found in nature, in small amounts, in ripe fruits like melons, pears, or grapes. So, we've all tasted erythritol in small quantities throughout human history. Fermented foods like cheese, wine, or soy sauce also contain erythritol. It naturally occurs in the human body, proving to be safe and well-tested.


Is Biosüsse similar to aspartame, cyclamate, or sucralose?

No, Biosüsse is produced through natural processes and does not contain any synthetic sweeteners, additives, or flavors. In contrast, aspartame, cyclamate, and sucralose are synthetic products created in a lab. They are intensely sweet, up to a hundred times sweeter than sugar, making them challenging to use in cooking or baking. The long-term effects of synthetic sweetener combinations, especially in high doses, are not well understood. Various studies on this topic have yielded different results. This uncertainty contributes to why many people avoid or limit their intake of sugar alternatives.


Can the product be compared to fructose or fruit sugar?

No, fructose is a form of sugar and has the same caloric content as regular household sugar (400 kcal per 100 grams), while our product contains absolutely zero calories and zero carbohydrates. In the past, many diabetic products were sweetened with fruit sugar. However, its use has become highly controversial due to studies suggesting adverse effects. Our product is a great alternative for diabetics as it has been proven not to affect blood sugar levels.


Is the product comparable to xylitol or birch sugar?

Our product, like xylitol and birch sugar (or xylitol and maltitol), belongs to the category of sugar alcohols. However, erythritol, the main component of our product, is the only sugar alcohol that contains no calories or digestible carbohydrates and causes no significant digestive issues even in excessive amounts. This is due to its small molecular size, preventing further breakdown in the human body, making it zero-calorie and easily digestible.


Is the product a carbohydrate?

The product is considered a sugar alcohol and is formally classified as a carbohydrate in some countries. However, it behaves entirely differently than traditional sugar or starch. It is mostly excreted through urine, not converted into energy in the body. This makes it an excellent choice for diabetics and those following a low-calorie or calorie-conscious lifestyle. Therefore, there's no need to consider it when calculating bread units or carbohydrates.


Can the product be consumed during an anti-fungal diet?

Since our product does not nourish the Candida fungus, it can be safely consumed during an anti-fungal diet.


Can people with diabetes consume the product?

Yes, the product has no impact on blood sugar levels or insulin secretion, making it safe for individuals with diabetes.


Is the product suitable for those with gluten, fructose, and lactose intolerance?

Yes, Biosüsse Bio erythritol does not contain any fillers or added substances, making it completely free from gluten, lactose, and fructose. It does not break down into fructose in the body. The product is also free from any marked allergenic substances.


Is the product suitable for children?

Yes, compared to other natural sugar alcohols like xylitol or maltitol, our product is generally easy for children to process and is recommended by experts. There are few natural sweeteners suitable for children. For example, honey is not recommended for children under one year old and raises blood sugar more than regular household sugar. Agave syrup, with all its health claims, largely consists of fructose.


Is the product safe for pets?

Yes, compared to xylitol, which can be fatal if consumed accidentally by dogs and other pets, our product is entirely safe.


How is the product produced?

The product is made from certified organic (organic) corn that is guaranteed to be free of genetic engineering. Through the natural process of fermentation, its structure changes, and it loses its calories.


Since when has the product been approved in Europe?

Erythritol has been in use worldwide for 25 years. It has been present in Europe since 2006, without restrictions for diabetics or children. Our product is proven, tested, and certified.


Is the product truly harmless to health?

According to a 1998 study in "Food and Chemical Toxicology," no health-damaging effects were found after critical and thorough examinations. The ease of digestion is likely due to erythritol's natural occurrence in the body.


However, our product is not only harmless and easily digestible but also offers health benefits.


Why is it necessary to indicate the potential laxative effect if consumed in excess on the product description?

According to EU regulations, consumers need to be warned on the packaging because, in general, excessive consumption of sugar alcohols may cause a laxative effect in some individuals. For instance, sugar alcohols are not allowed in beverage production because, with liquid intake, individuals can easily consume excessive amounts. Although our product is generally well-tolerated by the body, it is required to include this warning on the packaging. Our product's tolerance level is 2-4 times higher than xylitol, birch sugar, maltitol, or other sugar alcohols. EU member states refrained from specifying the recommended maximum daily consumption during approval, unlike stevia, where the recommended maximum daily quantity was specified.


Is the product free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs)?

The corn used in the product comes from controlled organic farming and is guaranteed not to undergo genetic modification or come into contact with any genetically modified material during cultivation or production. The German CERES regularly checks for impeccable quality.


Is it kosher? Halal?

Certifications ensure that our product is both kosher and halal.


What are sugar alcohols?

Despite their name, sugar alcohols are neither traditional sugars nor alcohols. They are polyols derived from the reduction of carbohydrates, a process where oxygen is removed from the compound. They are naturally occurring substances but can also be artificially produced. Their consumption is safe for children, pregnant women, and individuals recovering from alcoholism. It does not cause intoxication when consumed.


What sets the product apart from other erythritol-based sweeteners?

Our product is among the rare erythritol products on the market certified to come from organic farming.


What makes the product unique?

Our product allows you to enjoy the real, guilt-free sweet taste. Until now, there were few alternatives to replace sugar: Artificial sweeteners are occasionally suspected of being harmful to health, while natural sweeteners like stevia disappoint in taste or are extremely sweet, making them unsuitable for baking. Although xylitol and birch sugar help save calories and are tooth-friendly, they are not calorie- and carbohydrate-free and can often burden the metabolic system. The main component of our product, erythritol, stands out for its easy digestibility, pleasant sweetness, and absolute calorie-free nature. As the first product of its kind in all of Europe, it now provides the best organic quality, certified and verified by the German CERES institution.


Who is the ideal consumer for the product?

It is ideal for anyone who wants to eat healthily and balanced. Children generally like the taste of our product. It not only protects baby teeth from cavities but also spares your family and children from excessive sugar consumption. Our product helps save calories since it is calorie- and carbohydrate-free. Therefore, it perfectly fits into diets like ketogenic, paleo, low carb, Atkins, or Dukan. It has no impact on blood sugar levels, benefiting those with diabetes. It does not break down into fructose, and it is gluten- and lactose-free, making it suitable for those with fructose and lactose intolerance as well as celiac disease. Thanks to our product, individuals with Candida can still enjoy sweetness without nourishing the unwanted fungus.


Is it suitable for baking and cooking?

Our product is heat-resistant and has a similar volume to sugar. This makes it possible to prepare any recipe or favorite dish in a much healthier way. There are some tips and tricks that are worth considering and applying. Of course, we also provide recipes to help consumers. For those who don't bake or cook at all, they can sweeten their tea or coffee, make a refreshing lemonade without sugar, enhance their yogurt or muesli, or simply enrich their diet with our product.